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Smart Classrooms

What is a Smart Classroom?

A "Smart Classroom" has all the technology a Faculty/Staff Member would use in a classroom. We have a computer, VCR/DVD combo unit, a projector and a SMART Board or projection screen.

The smart classrooms contain a variety of equipment; please check with Room booking or a CSU staff member for more information. Use of the rooms can be booked through the FHS room bookings website.

Many of the rooms are capable of videoconferencing and recording meetings and lectures. For more information on Videoconferencing, please visit our videoconferencing page to see how you can schedule and run a videoconference between endpoints.

For information on which rooms are capable of videoconferencing (VC), please see the list of VC/WC contacts to inquire if a room supports the VC technology you require.



Each of our smart classrooms is generally equipped with the following hardware:

  • A PC installed with either Windows XP or Windows 7 (usually Core 2 with 4 GB RAM)
  • Projector
  • SMART Board or projection screen
  • Most rooms have DVD/VHS player
  • Sound System

For a more complete list of the hardware in a specific MDCL or FHS room, you may find the room's entry in the Classroom Audio Visual Services (CAVS) Classroom Directory page or contact one of our CSU technicians.

Classroom Instructions

Click here for easy, step-by-step instructions on how to operate the smart classrooms. Training is also available on request if you have a room booked. To schedule a training session, please contact one of the above mentioned CSU technicians to book a time.

SMART Boards

A Smart Board replaces a white board and a black board. There's no need to bring markers, or chalk. The key benefit of using this technology is saving your work and the ability to send it to the group using email.

Tips for effective use of SMART Boards
  • You can write, erase and save notes
  • You can save in a number of formats
  • Import images from gallery
  • Remember what mode you're in (pointer, pen, marker or eraser)

Click here for an online webinar covering use of the basic SMART Board functionality.

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