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What is Videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing (VC) technology uses specialized equipment to broadcast entire rooms in high definition (HD) between two or more sites. VC supports some presentation methods, but cannot be easily recorded.

For events outside of MGD School of Medicine undergraduate curriculum, cost recovery charges may apply.

Tips and Tricks for VC

Do you have a videoconferenced event coming up? You may want to read our VC Tips and Tricks on how to deliver a good presentation that accomodates for all remote participants.

Click here for our "Tricks and Tips" page.

How to Book a VC

Please mouse over the appropriate tab below for instructions on how you can book a Videoconference for your event

MD Students Admins/Faculty All Others
  • Booking a VC for MGD School of Medicine Students

    If you are a student looking to book a videoconference to connect to other campuses, you have a couple of options available to you:

    Continual Presence Wall

    Each of the regional campuses (Hamilton, Waterloo and Niagara) have a Continual Presence Wall (CPW) that runs 24 hours a day. For impromptu meetings without having to book a room, have a technician support, or operate VC equipment, you can simply all arrange to meet at the respective CPW. Here is where you can find each CPW:

    • Hamilton - MDCL 3010
    • Waterloo - WRC 3001A
    • Niagara - NRC 240
    Booking a room for OTN/Orion VC connection

    For a VC where the CPW is not appropriate/available, rooms can be booked through the MGD School of Medicine undergrad administrators.

    If the event scheduled is during work hours (8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri) and is considered to be MD program curriculum, it will be scheduled by the admins in medportal and a CSU technician will arrive at the beginning of the event to support.

    If the event is after hours, please contact Carm Lawrence ( or x22168) for assistance. You will be expected to operate the equipment yourself. For training or technical questions regarding the equipment, please contact one of our CSU IT/AV specialists. Contact details below:

  • Booking a VC for administrators and faculty

    To book a room for a videoconferencing session, please do the following:

    1 - Book the room through room bookings

    Reference the list of VC/WC contacts for who to contact for the location you would like to use and make the arrangements with said party prior to entering the session into the calendar. McMaster campus rooms are set up on the Orion network and can also support OTN calls, and hospital rooms are generally set up only for OTN calls.

    Videoconferencing is only possible when the session is sent from a room and received by a room on the same network. You will want to ensure that all rooms involved in the call support the same network (either all support OTN or all support Orion).

    You can also find more information and book rooms through the FHS room bookings website.

    2 - Enter the booking into the "Videoconferencing" medportal calendar

    All technician supported VC events will need to be entered into the medportal "Videoconferencing" calendar. If you need access to this calendar or to the "Accordent/Mediasite" calendar to schedule recordings, please contact medportal support at

    Please ensure that when you create the event in medportal, you adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Ensure that you are booking before 5pm on the Wednesday the week prior to when the event is to take place. For example, if the event is taking place on Friday, January 23rd, the latest you could enter this information into the calendar would be 5pm on Wednesday, January 14th.
    2. If the session is in a room with recording capabilites, ensure that you duplicate the event in the "Mediasite Captures" calendar
    3. Specify in the event description which other rooms from which campuses will be involved in the call. If possible, specify the IP address of the VC equipment in the room. This information can be obtained from the CSU support representative at your campus. Contact info is listed below.
    4. Include your full name or the name of a contact person for the event, as well as a phone number you can be reached at in case the technicians have any questions about the event.

    Should you experience any troubles or have any questions about how to enter an event in the medportal calendar, please contact medportal support at or by calling 905-525-9140 x22961.

    Please note that after hours events will not be supported without prior approval. To request technician support for an after-hours event, please contact John Bator in the CSU at or by phone at 905-525-9140 x22821

    CSU technician contact information
  • Booking from outside the MD Program

    For all bookings that are booked by third parties, or considered outside the curriculum of the MGD School of Medicine, please browse to, agree to the terms and fill out the form to submit your request for a room booking. Ensure that in the comments section of the form, you specify that this will be for a Videoconference and provide as much information as possible about who the event is for and what rooms at which sites you will be connecting to.

    If needed, you will be contacted for extra information in regards to the event. Please keep in mind that for most events outside of MD program curriculum, a cost recovery charge may apply. You will be contacted and informed if this is the case.

    For a list of bookable VC rooms, please consult this list.

    For technical inquiries into the capabilities of the system, please contact one of our CSU IT/AV specialists:

    CSU technician contact information
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