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Quick Tips for First Time Users

  • Accessing MacFACTS from campus wireless? You need to use MacSecure or Mac-WiFi.
  • Accessing MacFACTS from off-campus? You will need to log in using McMaster's VPN client.
  • MacFACTS training is highly recommended. Please see below for details on how to receive training.
  • Are you experiencing an error, or the application isn't working as expected? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions to see if there is an answer for you, or contact for support.
  • Please see the Online Help Resources for useful intormation.

  • The Personal Data section has been removed. This information is not required for a CV and has been taken off the MacFACTS form.
  • Teaching entries will now display an additional "Read Only" field in the pop up window. This field is titled: Program Secretary Description" and may contain additional reference details pertaining to the entry.
  • Unfunded research needs to have an amount of $0 entered in order to be shown on a CV. Please note in the title that it is unfunded research.
  • The sections titled: Business Address and Home Address have been replaced with a section titled: Address. In many cases, it may be blank or need to be edited prior to printing out a CV. This section is fully editable by users in real time and is the place to add the appropriate address you wish to appear on your CV.
  • Change to the CV report: University Appointments and the Current Status will now show the appointment category in the CV.


In keeping with University recommendations, all training sessions will be done in a remote capacity. Microsoft Teams, Zoom or phone orientation is available if required.  Please email Barb Halliday -- for setup. 

Availability during normal working hours, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  Booking must be made in advance to ensure the availability of instructor.



Logins - Please Note

MacFACTS currently supports logins and data entry forms for individual faculty members, member secretaries and program secretaries. New accounts or resets are done during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.  Please note due to the Working From Home mandate, there may be slight delays at times in fulfilling requests.

If you require urgent system access or if you have any issues with your login, please email or for more information.

Forms for other roles like Domain Administrator or DEC are currently being developed and information will be sent out when these become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions
Which browser should I use?
When I log in, the site seems slow, or crashes. Why does this happen?
Why can't I log in from home or from my laptop?
Access Questions
How do I apply for a login?
My administrative staff will need to work on my CV for me. Are they able to do this?
Who can see my CV information?
Content Questions
Why can't I edit some data in my MacFACTS form?
How do I know which heading to put information under?
There is information showing in my CV under a heading and I can't find it in MacFACTS. Where is it?
Grants appear in my MacFACTS profile. Where are they coming from?
I added a grant that I have applied for. It is not showing on my CV. Why is that happening?
Why are some of my grants showing up in MacFACTS as grey?
Data doesn't look "right" in MacFACTS. Why is that?
Teaching Questions
How do I enter teaching my teaching?
What if I need to add details to my teaching, such as student names?
What if I have taught outside the FHS? Outside McMaster University?
On my report, there are numbers with brackets after my teaching entries. What does this mean?

MacFACTS Contacts

Program Contacts
Clerkship Contacts
Postgrad Contacts
Content Assistance - Department Academic Coordinators

Please see the Health Sciences for Faculty Relations page - Academic Coordinators Contacts

MacFACTS Project Team

Todd Murray, MacFACTS Project Manager

Barb Halliday, MacFACTS Training

FHS Faculty Relations

Melissa Watson, Faculty Relations Manager, FHS

FIPPA notification for faculty and the use of the MacFACTS Database

McMaster University collects and retains personal and professional information of faculty members using services provided by McMaster University, under the authority of The McMaster University Act, 1976.

This information is used for the academic, administrative, employment-related, financial and statistical purposes of the University. The Faculty of Health Sciences’ curriculum vitae database is used to record faculty members' demographic and address information, academic history (ranks, appointments, affiliations), contributions to teaching, research, clinical and scholarly activities and other fundamental activities related to being an employee of McMaster University, a member of the University community, and a user of services provided by McMaster University, a public post-secondary institution in the Province of Ontario.

The information collected in the database may be used to generate CVs, teaching and clinical dossiers, reports for annual performance reviews and reports to assist in the academic promotion and tenure process. The information you provide will be protected and used in compliance with Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RSO 1990) and will be disclosed only in accordance with this Act. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact the University Secretary, Gilmour Hall, Room 210, McMaster University.