Our Team & Our Clients

  • “We have worked with CSU for over 10 years developing an on-line resource, it has been a great collaboration with great service! Todd and James have always been responsive and helpful with our project right from the beginning. They even answer my emails on weekends!”

  • “Gabriela was extremely helpful in solving my data port problem for one of my upstart labs. She responded to me quickly and the situation was resolved just as fast. ”

  • “Karina always goes above and beyond to make sure my issues are resolved. If she cannot she makes sure to get the appropriate assistance required.”

  • “Carla solved my problem quickly and also cleaned up some issues that were eating up my memory. First class response and service!”

  • “Thank you so much for making this happen. I realize that during the summer CSU is short staffed and the fact you made this happen within a reasonable amount of time amazes me.”

  • “Bob Stacey is a McMaster gem!  He is responsive.  Followed up and went above and beyond to be helpful.”

  • “Dear Barb, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your contribution to the Program for Faculty Development. We deeply value the knowledge, hard work, and commitment that you bring towards its success. Thank you again for enabling our faculty to move forward in their academic and professional endeavours.”

  • “The MedSIS team has provided excellent service. This energetic and dedicated team works together to achieve a high level of customer service.  The MedSIS team has proven time and time again to be a true asset to the MD Program and a remarkable advocate for McMaster University. Their ongoing support to the MD Program has been outstanding.”

  • “I wanted to thank Richie for all his help in preparing the Mistreatment and Abuse digital advertisements.  He has really gone above and beyond to help us make sure that everything is formatted properly for the digital boards. I wanted to let you know that we appreciate his assistance, positive attitude, prompt responses and willingness to help so much. ”

  • “I am not sure we say this enough so I wanted to e-mail you today. You have an awesome group of staff to work with. They are always congenial and always helpful and it can't be easy at times.
    I wanted to give a special mention to Bob Wise who has helped us with our VDI transition. He is really great to work with and always very helpful and never falters in his support no matter what we ask we can count on him.”

  • “Hello James - Thank-you so very much to you and Erik for setting up on Friday.  The audio was significantly better.  This is such a special memorial service, to have the attendees complain that they cannot hear the speeches was disheartening in the past.  Thank-you for making the day a success.”

  • “I just wanted to say thank you to Barbara for all her help. She has an open door policy which was evident when I walked in & got patient courteous & comprehensive service. After our meeting she walked me around to other departments as I'm still not very oriented to the Hamilton complex.”

  • “Great, fast service. Carla diagnosed what the problem was and provided a solution quite to my satisfaction. The computer is running better than ever now.”

  • “I was really pleased with the assistance I was given. It was my desk top computer that was the issue not my laptop. Karina was prompt to contact me - she tried all of the usual things and in the end it was just too old (2011) so I opted for a new computer. Karina got that sorted out for me and loaded all the programs I needed. Very efficient and personable.”