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Core Services


Microsoft campus agreement  More Info

Antivirus protection software  FHS only

Enterprise Offerings and Support

Email - Exchange server  All of campus

MedSIS  FHS only

MacFACTS  FHS only

ATP  All of campus

Firewall / intrusion prevention service  FHS only


End Point / Desktop Connectivity Support  FHS only

Enterprise System Support  All of campus

VRF Support  FHS only

Audio Visual

Smart Classroom Support  All FHS campuses

Collaboration Systems Support (Video Conferencing and WebEx)  FHS only

Learning Commons  FHS only

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Supplementary Services

Desktop Support Rates

CSU Hourly Rate for all services (minimum 30 minutes)  $110 / hour

Desktop Support services More Info

Private Cloud Services

Note: There will be a one time set up fee may apply for some services.

Secure network storage for your personal, workgroup or department files with automatic nightly backup. Share files and databases with your team.

Website or Web Application Hosting - From $100 / month

McMaster VRF (HHS Sites Only)  $51.50 / month

Digital Signage

Extra graphic design work is charged at an hourly rate.  Companies or services outside of McMaster that wish to advertise, please inquire for pricing at

Weekly  $20 per ad

1 ad per month  $30 / month

2 ads per month  $50 / month

Up to 10 ads per month (yearly subscription required)  $75 / month

For more than 10 ads per month, please email to request custom pricing

Digital signage details  More Info

Video Conferencing & Web Conferencing

Please see our Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing pages for more information.

Video Conferencing Admin Fee  $55

Video Conferencing Hourly Rate  $115 / hour



  • In case of cancellation by a client for a booked appointment, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice (1 working day). In cases where this is not provided a fee may be applied.
  • Special contract rates can be arranged for projects and group support.
  • Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
  • CSU only accepts payment by McMaster account, Mastercard/Visa, and cheque.