CSU Service Streams

Classroom & Collaborative Technologies

  • Learning Commons

    The Learning Commons educational computing lab is located at HSC-1B7 and serves the Faculty of Health Sciences faculty, staff, and students.  It is equipped with 32 student PCs and set up for easy screen sharing from the instructor PC.

    Please see our Learning Commons page for more information.

  • Smart Classrooms

    Our leading edge smart classrooms come equipped to support all styles of teaching and learning.  CSU technicians are available for support during business hours.

    Please see our Smart Classrooms page for more information.

  • Digital Signage

    We provide digital signage in high traffic areas throughout McMaster University Health Sciences Centre and the MDCL building.  Digital signage is intended for any educational and research events.

    Please see our Digital Signage page for more information.

  • Video Conferencing / Web Conferencing (WebEx)

    Video Conferencing is HD two-way audio and video for online collaborative meetings and events.  Web Conferencing (WebEx) is the low-cost alternative ideal for online meetings.

    Please see our Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing pages for more information.


Stream Manager John Bator
Contact Information batorj@mcmaster.ca
905-525-9140 ext. 22821

CSU Service Streams

Helpdesk Services

  • Remote Assistance

    Our technicians can help with an issue remotely using this service.

    Please see our Remote Assistance page for more information.

  • Desktop Support

    Desktop support is a cornerstone of the services CSU can provide for you.  Our qualified technicians will expertly handle setup & installation, network configurations, and repairs & upgrades. 

    Please see our Desktop Support page for more information.

  • Microsoft Campus Agreement

    Microsoft provides a number of services to McMaster students, faculty, and staff.

    Please see our Microsoft Campus Agreement page for more information.


Stream Manager Jaclyn Clark
Contact Information jaclark1@mcmaster.ca
905-525-9140 ext. 22425

CSU Service Streams

Infrastructure Management

  • Servers and Support

    CSU offers a high performance, reliable on premise cloud infrastructure.  We will work with you to determine the required resources and support for your specific applications. Our Tier 4 datacentre offers a climate controlled, secure environment with access to emergency power, Anti-Virus solutions, firewall, backup, among other supported items.

    Please see our Servers and Support page for more information.

  • Security

    CSU provides data integrity and security for the servers and computers in Faculty of Health Sciences.  CSU gives advice on the level of security that is required for different types of data based on requirements of legislation and the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.  Our datacenter offers a secure environment to store sensitive data.

    Please see our Security page for more information.

  • Networking

    Access the Faculty of Health Sciences network through the University's intranet.

    Please see our Networking page for more information.


Stream Manager Graig Kelly
Contact Information gkelly@mcmaster.ca
905-525-9140 ext. 22094

CSU Service Streams

Systems Development & Project Management Office

  • Application Design & Development

    CSU offers a variety of platforms and strategies that can meet your scope of work, including using off-the-shelf, cloud-based or in-house developed software applications.

    Please see our Application Design page for more information.

  • Project Management

    CSU can assist in managing your project from assistance with scope development through to implementation.  

    Please see our Project Management page for more information.

  • Data Integration, Migration, & Reporting

    Many older database systems exist that can be modernized, or re-developed to utilize current technical or business requirements. CSU has assisted many departments in providing solutions for data extraction, reporting and database updating on legacy systems.

    Please see our Database Design and  Data Integration & Migration pages for more information.

  • Web Site Design & Development

    Web pages are essential for communicating and promoting the services and academic achievements for the various educational departments across McMaster and Health Sciences. CSU has experience with developing templates and sites that are compliant to both ADOA and the McMaster brand and style guidelines. We can assist in all aspects of a web development project, from design & layout, to training and site maintenance.

    Please see our Web & Application Design page for more information.

  • CSU Pay

    Understanding PCI compliancy can be expensive, complicated and require specialty knowledge in handling payment methods. CSU has developed a payment card process that meets PCI compliancy, and is easy to incorporate into your web page.

    Please see our CSU Pay page for more information.

  • Application Training & Support

    CSU can develop extensive training materials and sessions to meet the time requirements for your I.T. project. Sessions can be one on one, or in class. CSU also has experience in designing customized help and support solutions for applications that have a large user base or are for critical, time sensitive applicant or test based processes.  

    Please see our Application Training pages for more information.


Stream Manager Todd Murray
Contact Information murray@mcmaster.ca
905-525-9140 ext. 21320